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Breaking up is hard to do…


My Starbucks addiction developed during my decade-long off/on tenure as a barista. It’s funny, I’ve never really talking about my barista years as Starbucks is one of the few jobs I’ve held I actually kinda loved. I contemplate going back ALL the time. Mostly, because I scoff every time I crave something and realize I would have to pay for it. I’ve tried everything from making it a “sometimes” thing to getting creative with my ordering to save money (grande in a tall cup, anyone?). But in the end, what I really just need is to make my favorite drinks (in this case iced chai lattes) at home. As I try to cut back on coffee, though not necessarily caffeine, I’ve being drinking many, many delicious iced chai lattes. The cost for the whole set up: less than the cost of two Venti chai lattes. Plus, I can make them as sweet (in my case, less sweet) as I want without holding up the damn line. What about y’all? Are you finding ways to make your fancy coffee bar drinks at home?

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