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Take a letter, Maria…


Throughout my life I have been quite the letter writer. I made my own stationery, note cards and sometimes even the envelopes. I was super creative with my DIY stationery during my zine days and I was a pretty good pen pal too. Don’t get me started on my addiction to buying note cards and envelopes. I was also all about Bettie Page postcards! I would send those bad boys out like it was my job. Though I did always prefer the relative privacy afforded by heavily tricked out envelopes. I don’t tend to soap box about letter writing; the world is big enough for lots of different kinds of communication. That said, there is something romantic about personal letters and cards. It’s nice to open the mailbox and find something other than junk and bills.

top row:
1. Archie Grand “Riff Raffs I Have Met and Liked” Note Cards 3/$8 via Archie Grand
2. Light Grey Pocket Postal Note by Moleskine $ via Papyrus

bottom row:
3. Handmade Chevron Kraft Note Cards, set of 4/$5 via etsy
4. “My log has something to tell you” Note Cards set of 4/$10 via etsy

Once again, leave it to the delightful Archie Grand to inspire the desire to step up my personal correspondence. Can you imagine being on the receiving end of this card. What secrets (and lies) might the inside of this card contain?

5 Letters a Week Challenge

Do you want to get started? Well, do this here handy dandy challenge. The rules are simple: pick 5 people and write them a letter a week for six months. That’s it. Don’t worry about whether or not they respond. That’s not the point. Usually, folks are so moved by getting a letter they tend to write back. Though there are some who probably aren’t going to. In any case, just write the letters anyway. You don’t have to announce what you’re doing. Just do it. Happy letter writing!

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