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Patch NYC at Target


Owl bookends via

Target is doing another round of its Shops and this time I’m pretty smitten. Last go around I was underwhelmed and disappointed there wasn’t more stationery and that sort of thing. I mean I love me a lamp and a throw pillow, but I already have a LOT of lamps. As for throw pillows…we haven’t settled on a couch yet, thus we don’t need any throw pillows at this point. Anyway, I am kind of in love with the owl – as played out as some find them to be – and I do think a few pieces will have to come live with us. Of course, after serious discount. Not gonna lie, there’s nothing that has to come home with me RIGHT this second. That said, I do love how Target collaborates with more stylish folks for these collections. What about you? See anything good from this latest launch from Target?

top row:
1. owl lamp $59.99, 2. teal pouf $79.99, 3. set of 4 drinking glasses $19.99

bottom row
4. set of 4 feather mugs $19.99, 5. set of 2 journals $19.99, 6. owl throw pillow $24.99

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  1. 09/13/2012 5:35 pm

    I have a serious urge to go blow money on that set of glasses, mostly for the mushroom. I have an enduring love for all things mushroom, though not in the hyper-technicolor psychedelic style. Something kind of earthy and artsy though? Hit me up.

    I also adore this candleabra (, though not at that price!

  2. 09/13/2012 5:44 pm

    I am in love w/ that candleabra! It is so fance. I love the look of mushroom (earthy, same as you) silhouetted on things. It always look so sharp to me.

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