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LEGO City Retractable Pen


LEGO City Retractable Pen caught my eye during Target’s back-to-school season. Nestled with the other LEGO City school supplies and dump bins of $.59 index cards, it was a real standout. What first drew the pen to my attention was how adorable it was. What made me have to have it was how much the LEGO man resembled John Goodman in The Big Lebowski.I am unfamiliar with the citizens of LEGO City, but it seems to be a place where only Harbor police, city police and construction workers live, based on the different characters available in pen form. From my younger years spent playing with LEGO Duplos, I seem to recall law enforcement and construction folks being overly represented.

Do not let the bulky packaging fool you; the product’s dimensions are: 7.8 x 3.8 x 1.6, so it’s not a full sized pen. There are two parts: the pen/head and the body dock. Pulling the head from the body dock reveals the retractable ballpoint pen. The tip of the product has a yellow rubber grip and a little fiddling with the bottom gets the pen ready for writing. It’s a fairly seamless transition and the pen writes immediately. And when you’re done, you just pop the pen back into the body dock and you’re good to go.

Fine writing fans will not find the writing experience enjoyable; LEGO City Retractable Pen boasts some incredibly ashy ink. Probably the ashiest I’ve observed in my numerous experience with novelty pens. This becomes a problem because the product, at $8.99, is rather spendy. In addition, it’s not particularly comfortable either. The short barrel is too slick and the grip rubbed my finger uncomfortably. Good for quick showcasing to friends and family; bad for penning the Great (insert your preferred country) Novel. For LEGO fans, however, the obvious appeal is the actual figure rather than the writing performance. On that point, I really love the product. I wanted it to be a decent writing instrument, but I’m just as happy to use it as a place to keep my thumb drive!

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