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One downside of working from home is my style started slip. Wanting to be comfortable always seems to overtake the desire to look fashionable. After all who’s going to see me? The mailman? The person next to me on the treadmill? Chief among my problems is the inability to calibrate my style to a climate with four seasons. I am adept at extremes, but it’s those transitional seasons, oh how they drive me bananas. Fortunately, it turns out it’s possible to be comfortable and stylish and season appropriate. More importantly, it didn’t require much consumption on my part – just shopping my closet and a serious round of decluttering. And if you happened upon me during the day, this is most likely what I’d be wearing/using. Okay, sometimes I switch out sneakers for the boots, a cardigan and tee for the sweater dress and, Xena help me – yoga pants for my daily gym visits.

1. Black Leggings
2. Infinity Scarf
3. Black Cocktail Ring
4. Sweater Dress
5. Archie Grand Notebook
6. Black Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen
7. Essie Devil’s Advocate
8. Nine West Boots
9. Jack Black Lip Balm
10. Mossimo Weekend Bag. Target. No longer available

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